About us

Qué Pasa Media is a Spanish-language newspaper from North Carolina. It was founded in 1994 and today it has a weekly newspaper and three digital platforms.

We provide local and current information through three weekly print editions, located in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Piedmont-Triad and Triangle areas.

These three editions are printed and distributed following the structure of the Design and the Distribution Departments.

Since its creation, Qué Pasa has undergone constant evolution and has adapted to current challenges and technological changes.

Thus, in 2011 launched its digital platform, and also uses social networks as efficient ways to bring local, state and current information in Spanish, and expand the reach, to Latino communities in suburban and rural areas.

At the same time, Qué Pasa Media has been an ally of local and national organizations, as well as consulates, whose common goal is to reach the Latino community in North Carolina.


Qué Pasa, under the wing of Acción Hispana, aims to inform and educate the North Carolina Hispanic / Latino immigrant community on issues that impact them socially, economically, and politically through objective, local and community journalism.

Our goal is to:

  • Inform about immigration, health, education, rights and resources available for the development and well-being of the community.
  • Empower the Latino / Hispanic community to make their own decisions based on objective, transparent and truthful information.
  • Raise awareness and sensitize about social problems, civil rights and equality, in relation to minorities, the LGBTQ + i community, feminism, special education, etc.
  • Educate about health, legal and civic rights, and community participation.