To help Hispanic individuals across North Carolina have a better life.


To educate Hispanic individuals living in North Carolina through our print and digital news platforms about issues and resources that will help them be informed, make decisions, and take actions to achieve a better life.


We believe that when people are informed, they can make better decisions for themselves and their families.


North Carolina’s Hispanic population represents over one million individuals and is currently growing at a rate nearly ten percent higher than the national average. These individuals represent a wide variety of nationalities, literacy (in English and Spanish), education, industries, socio-economic status, immigrant status, and other demographics. For many of these individuals Spanish is their first language, and for others Spanish is their only language. It is vital that this population is provided with trustworthy, accurate, and unbiased information and resources so that they are aware of current events and issues.


The mission of Acción Hispana is primarily carried out through our print and digital media platform, Qué Pasa. Through a weekly print newspaper, daily digital content on our website, and social media communications, Qué Pasa, provides our readers with Spanish-language content for free, with no need to subscribe to any of our platforms. Our readers are provided with timely and relevant content and resources that help them gain knowledge around a variety of topics such as healthcare, legislation, immigration, finances, labor rights, acculturation, and more.


  • Caring Servant – We are a dedicated to helping our communities through education, resources, and partnerships with other organizations.
  • Integrity – We are an honest, accountable, and responsible trustee of the mass media industry.
  • Inclusivity – We are a model of inclusiveness, collaboration, and fairness.
  • Excellence – We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our people, our product, and our community.
  • Adaptability – We consistently evaluate ourselves, listen to the needs of our community, and respond accordingly.


Qué Pasa is the oldest and most established Spanish-language newspaper in NC. It was founded in 1994 and today it has a three weekly print newspapers and a digital platforms that reach over 1 million individuals annually. Acción Hispana/Qué Pasa is led by and staffed by first-generation immigrants from a variety of Spanish-speaking counties. This allows us to be responsible representatives to the people we serve - we all have shared experiences as immigrants living in the USA. We know first-hand of the many disparities experienced by people of color, and we have always worked to address these inequalities by conducting broad-based communications, educating our target population, and building community trust.


As part of our 2020 – 2023 strategic plan, we are focusing on creating relationships and hosting meetings with community leaders to discuss current issues of interest to the community and identify their unique needs so that we may begin to address them. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Qué Pasa became a trusted resource and partner for local health departments, faith communities, and other nonprofits as we served as a trusted liaison between the Spanish-speaking population and other public/private services to disseminate accurate information. We hope to leverage those relationships and use that model to continue serving as a trusted liaison for a variety of issues that are specific to the Spanish-speaking community.

Por Una Vida Mejor

Por Una Vida Mejor (PUVM) is a program that seeks to promote equal opportunities in access to education for young Latinos in the Piedmont-Triad region, in North Carolina, who do not have legal status. .

Through this program, which is funded and supported by Wells Fargo, students can apply for a scholarship to help fund their higher education at a state university or community college.

Find more information about PUVM here.

Grants & Partnerships 

In the past years, Acción Hispana has received several grants that have allowed the organization to keep moving forward with its mission.


Partnerships with local organizations

  • El Centro Hispano
  • True Ridge
  • Mano-Y-Ola
  • NC Counts